If you've ever loved a dog, you must hear "A Grateful Tail." 

Inspired by the poignant words of American playwright Eugene O'Neill's "Last Will and Testament of Silverdene Emblem O'Neill," the four movement recording features a rich orchestration, the heavenly vocals of tenor Ryland Angel and a gospel choir.  Academy Award winner F. Murray Abraham brings to life the soliloquy of "Blemie," the dog who has neared the end of his long, happy life in a bonus track performance.

From "Siriusly Dog Star" to the magical repose of "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, peacefully," the dramatic third movement, "The Last Will and Testament," and finally the explosive and joyous gospel style choral ending, "Wagging the Tail," the character of Mercurio's individual movements and the complete work at large is unique, soulful and stirring.

"A Grateful Tail," celebrates the unique bond between dogs and those who love them.  Created for music and dog lovers everywhere.

EROS Sound Recording

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Maestro Steven Mercurio's tribute to all things canine!